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NitroFlare Premium - Fast and Safe Cloud Storage


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What is NitroFlare?

NitroFlare is your one-stop-cloud-storage app. It is mainly built to provide users to do file transfer safer, store more files from its huge capacity, serves as a backup for file security and clearer file-sharing or distribution. NitroFlare uses high-end servers to ensure that everything will work. They are using extravagant and huge gigabytes for their connection to make sure they provide faster connections compared to other hostings. It is considered that NitroFlare has not yet found a competitor that outruns the quality of NitroFlare’s services. NitroFlare Premium is just the best file hosting in the market. NitroFlare is a genuine company and more and more users are switching for their exceptional services.

NitroFlare - Fast Cloud Service

What do you need to know about NitroFlare?

Lots of file hosting features various premium ways on how to make every user experience fast and easy. Here are the things you must know about the capabilities of NitroFlare Premium Account when you register for one.

✔️ File Transfer

NitroFlare Premium account enables you to securely transfer huge size of various multimedia files and documents. With an easy way to transfer files to other individuals, NitroFlare is sure to be the best choice in the market. You can set on how your files be seen, from private to public, you can do whatever you want for the safety of  your personal documents. Especially when you are a businessman or businesswoman who uses NitroFlare to store important company files and has everyday transactions with other people, you need to choose what is the best and secure fit for your documents and other files.

✔️ Storage

You get 500 Gigabytes storage capacity for free! Brace yourselves for the premium account that lets you have an online storage capacity of 10 Terabytes! Are you speechless? Yes, that is how big NitroFlare premium can offer you, nothing more and nothing less.

✔️ Back up

With the huge capacity NitroFlare allows you to use in their server, you can use the platform for saving your personal and corporate files. Just in case you needed a backup files for you to secure it in a safe place, NitroFlare Premium is the answer for that. NitroFlare has set undying and locked up security for all the accounts to ensure no malware or anyone can corrupt or steal your important files.

✔️ Distribution

As the default setting of NitroFlare, it enables you to distribute various files in different platforms. You can actually upload files up to 10 Gigabytes and share it with others. Sharing is caring and when you share, you can actually earn with it. 

Captcha requestStarts quickly
Ticket-Waiting (180s)No Ticket-Waiting
Reduced download Speed (20kb/s)Max Unlimited Download Speed
Annoying AdsNo Ads, Misleading Pop-Ups
One download at a timeConcurrent Downloads
Limited Download SlotsTop Notch Download Sessions
Non-resumable DownloadsResumable Downloads

✔️ Efficient Downloading

NitroFlare serves as a portal where you can download lots of files and documents. You can resume your interrupted downloads in NitroFlare for your conveniences. There are times when you need to download big size of various multimedias. But you do not need to worry about it that much. Why? With NitroFlare Premium or even the free account, you get to experience fast and efficient downloading time. No more waiting for years to finish a file that has a size of more than a gigabyte. That is how NitroFlare works.

Where can you get a NitroFlare Premium Account?

There is no need for you to download or install programs on your computer, it is just too old for a cloud storage. All you need to do is go to their website and register your personal information and other needed details. Right away, you can have you free NitroFlare account. And if ever you wanted to get the premium account, you just look for the upgrade button and it will take you to their pages where bundles of joy are waiting for your order. Having a NitroFlare Premium Account is a hassle-free and stress-free process.

The costs for NitroFlare Premium

The table below shows the flexible terms and packages NitroFlare can provide you. All premium users get to experience equal features that NitroFlare Premium account can offer. With NitroFlare Premium, you can stream videos online without having much stressing over spammy and irrelevant ads. As part of their security, they do not want users to encounter a misleading ads and buttons that is why they make sure to regulate those for the NitroFlare Premium users. Together with other features is the top priority support and assistance you can get from technical team. Just in case you encounter trouble are you have lots of questions with their services, their support team is always available for you. All they want is to assist you better so you could maximize the use of their platform. 

2 days30 days90 days + 30 days for FREE!180  days365 days
Price: $10.00Price: $12.00Price: $30.00Price: $50.00Price: $9000
Watch onlineWatch onlineWatch onlineWatch onlineWatch online
No advertisingNo advertisingNo advertisingNo advertisingNo advertising
Priority supportPriority supportPriority supportPriority supportPriority support

*Table from NitroFlare. Source:

They actually offers the best package which is the POPULAR bundle! You get to have the free one month of premium usage of NitroFlare. According to their analysis, it is the best and most sought after bundle among others. So what are you waiting for?

NitroFlare Payment Methods

NitroFlare Payment Methods

With NitroFlare’s various payment methods that are available, you do not have to worry about paying with your preferred method. They offer PayPal payment options as well. So, if you are a little skeptical about the platform, you can use PayPal as it can protect you from scams and other fraudulent acts. But since NitroFlare were able to get PayPal available for payment method, they can truly assure you that NitroFlare is a genuine server with an aim to only serve you the best. 

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No need to be a Tech-Savvy to use NitroFlare Premium

Yes! You do not need to be somebody whose all-knowing about the internet and gadgets. The platform itself is sure to support you and can drive users from where they want to go to do the things they want to do. The design of their dashboard is simple and sleek. All sections are perfectly labeled so you would not be lost. Just go and click where you need to be and use NitroFlare freely.

NitroFlare can be used for free

NitroFlare can be used for free

Yes, NitroFlare is just excellent in offering users a chance to use NitroFlare for free that offers them huge storage. With a free account, you’ll get to know NitroFlare more and you are always one click  away into upgrading your profile. It is okay, you got to test NitroFlare, anyway. They are always happy to serve you.

Amazing right, you can use NitroFlare for free and you have that free 500 Gigabyte storage capacity! Isn’t it exciting?

NitroFlare Affiliate: Earn Money with NitroFlare Premium

NitroFlare’s Affiliate Program lets Premium Users and even NitroFlare free users earn more money by:

Sharing Files

  • Yes, you can earn by sharing your files that can be of interest to other users and NitroFlare’s customers. What you will do is upload your files and share them. Once shared, every download will be paid according to NitroFlares’ terms. As long as the customers will pay NitroFlare for your files to be downloaded, you will be paid for it.
  • With Affiliate Plans, Plan A (PPS + PPD), you can earn as much as 70% of initial sales.
  • You can earn 70% Rebills from your every file.
  • There are additional earnings for every 1,000 unique downloads amounting to $5.00.
  • Reminder: Make sure to have your files at least 5MB and above to ensure payments per download.


  • In referrals, even you are a free user of NitroFlare, you can still earn. Everyone can earn through referrals but the percentage varies from what type of account you have.

Account Type

Earnings from Referrals and Banners
Registered User500 Gigabyte5 %Simply register to the website and start uploading.
Pro User10 Terabyte5 %Should have a minimum of 1 sale per day.
Webmaster User500 Gigabyte10 %Should have a website/blog/forum, and contact our affiliate manager.
Pro Webmaster10 Terabyte10 %Should have a website/blog/forum, and contact with NitroFlare’s affiliate manager.

NitroFlare Premium Account Users had their final say

I totally love it! I have been using the services of NitroFlare Premium for more than two years. I like it since I did not encounter any problems using NitroFlare free and NitroFlare Premium back then and until now. I must say I am one of those happy customers that still believe NitroFlare is the top choice for any file hosting services.
I started using it when I was in college for free, for my other projects and documentations. I was enjoying the perks of not having carrying everything because I can access my files everywhere as long as I have internet. No need for big files and folders, NitroFlare is very efficient since I do not have enough space in my laptop for more files that is why using NitroFlare has become a necessity for me. And now that I am a professional now, I am still using NitroFlare Premium as backup storage for my important files and other personal files. I am always pleased with the service that is why I keep using it up until now. I’ve been recommending it to some family members and colleagues and they are happy with it as well. Having NitroFlare Premium account rocks!
NitroFlare is an absolute idea server to download PSD files and documents alike. I am a Graphic Designer and NitroFlare Premium is one of the tools I use for storing big files. Uploading and downloading files is really fast and easy that is why it has become an ideal internet site for me. NitroFlare Premium account is a great choice while you have other Adobe products are using. I am rating them because I can see that I am paying for the right hosting services and they have never let me down.
I’ve already been using Nitroflare Premium for two or three years now and have scarcely had some severe difficulties! If there is, it is only natural and minor issues that are always fixed by the technical support of NitroFlare. All actions are fast and they always provide efficient solutions. If combined in alliance with IDM, it really is Superquick! Well built server and really great job to the NitroFlare team! I hope the guys behind NitroFlare continue the excellent support for their clients and I believe they are maintaining it. That is why I do believe NitroFlare is flourishing as many users are supporting them as well.
I have used several hosting but they are only best for the time being. I used to be using Rapidshare, they then expired. Then the next one, I then had been using plus so they expired in the opinion of your website I might see daily. Actually no, they had the strange file which has been listed, however, also the single file downloads had a NitroFlare link.
I have to state I rarely hit on a wall together with NitroFlare Premium if its complete season in 1080 that strikes their bs 25/Gigabyte daily harbors out of way too many episodes. I had issues twice for half a year but the speed is still in its finest function. As long as it is the NitroFlare website, I know that the payment gateway is always safe. 
Was exceptionally biased after reading the testimonials on Trustpilot. However, since there were some constructive reviews and NitroFlare today accept PayPal, I chose to just take a bet seeing that I possibly really could open a PayPal dare if something fails. Chose to select thirty days since it had been just $2 more than the 2day “trial” package. You will find three distinct options underneath the cover via the PayPal option. Express added still another $8.60 at a variety of fees. I did not assess the Euro option and settled to the Dollar option that has been 16.20. Made payment and immediately had the use of this superior website. I really couldn’t be happier. So far as I am concerned I have already received my money’s worth. There’s really a 25 Gigabyte daily limitation that I struck within one hour. However, in that hour I have downloaded 20 files which I couldn’t find somewhere else online. Not an issue downloading. No falling of downloads, without any collapsed downloads, only 20 files downloaded now on my drive. And I have still got yet another 2-9 days to proceed with 25 GIgabyte daily!
A whole lot of unhappy reviews posted about its organization but also for me personally that they did what they said they’ would. And I’m one happy customer. My only advice is to make sure that you pay via PayPal as numerous opinions appear to be on extra charges looking on charge cards. This can’t happen with PayPal of course if you are displeased with the service offered a PayPal dispute. Perhaps not much else I can say that much. I am quite satisfied therefore I have contributed a necessary 5 stars. Well done NitroFlare.
To start with, I am not in any manner correlated with, nor work with NitroFlare – I am merely a normal customer versatile their ceremony since it is. I’ve read lots of the review and cannot disagree more with others, stating NitroFlare’s misguided and misleading tools. Every one of the blamers is stupid, ignorant or just simply retarded for not having to understand with this very simple and fair-priced service or the terms NitroFlare wanted you to read. Nitroflare is and continues to be at the top-performing file hosting server as it comes to working out those who have outstanding support. For many others that read this when you join, examine the stipulations and know what it is that you are spending money on and registering upon until you opt to let your reptile head lean over the secrets.
I have been using NitroFlare for several months now and I just came to know about NitroFlare Affiliate Program. I tried the referrals with a dedication to earn a little and uploading files. Lucky enough I was able to refer lots of individuals and 


All in all, the NitroFlare Premium Account provides trustworthy digital services for everyone. The platform is very ideal for professionals and businesses who need the best of the best online file storage and safest file-sharing network. The const-effective solution that the NitroFlare brought to everyone is just exceptionally amazing. Nitroflare even offers completely flexible plans where you can choose what matches your profession well. The platform also allows users, even registered free accounts, to earn real money according to their established criteria and rules. It is just amazing especially not many file hosting providers would offer these kinds of programs. 

Why? It is because NitroFlare’s top priority is its clients. With their customer-centered approach, it is always the first choice to protect their client to ensure they are safe and away from the various online vulnerabilities. All files are safe and perfectly store in their cloud storage. With a fast downloading and huge limit in uploading files, you can be sure to be maximizing the use of the Nitroflare account.

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